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Cton has many automatic assembly lines such as the complete set of UV, spraying, drying and PU continuous board which enable to deliver product quickly responding to the client’s need.
Besides, we factory has the complete testing and inspection equipment, such as the inspection equipment G84-II reflectivity measuring instrument, QXD scraper fineness test, GKL-II drought and crack tester, viscosity meter, YQ-Z48B white tester, JTX-II abrasion  instrument. The company controls every physical and chemical performance for the raw materials entering the factory and the production process strictly. Also the company conducts the strict quality test for the covering rate, fineness, initial aridity and crack resistance, viscosity, whiteness, washability of the painting. RS232 precision electronic balance can make sure that the product weight test deviation is accurate to 0.0001mm.
DZ-20 universal tensile strength, compressive strength and bending strength of the painting product.