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Corporate culture concept
Since its establishment in 2003, Xintai has been developing for 8 years. In order to adapt to the development of the market situation and maintain the core competitiveness and sustainable development of the products, Xintai is constantly undergoing changes and innovations, behind the innovation. Xintai always adheres to the corporate philosophy of “responsibility is more important than Taishan and reputation is in the world”.
“Practical and low-key, do the right thing, and execute it accurately”
“Pragmatic and low-key”, Xintai refused to publicize the hype at the level of external business services;
“Pragmatic and low-key”, at the internal management level of the company, Xintai refused to take the initiative.
“Do the right thing”, Xintai will not make wrong judgments and decisions;
“Doing the right thing” Xintai refused to influence the public interest for profit.
“Precise execution”, Xintai advocates and effectively reflects the precision and efficiency of execution.
“Innovation, strategic foresight, scientific decision-making”
From the corporate system, to the sales system, to the products and services, Xintai adheres to the philosophy of “innovation and innovation” and has achieved outstanding results in the research and development of various products and technical research.
"Tolerance and harmony, people-oriented, practice responsibility"
To create the best soil for cultivating talents with the internal environment of “tolerance and harmony”, respect each employee with the concept of “people-oriented” talents, and actively repay the society with the mission of “practicing responsibility”. Xintai is a leading company in the new energy-saving industry. Temperament and mind, gather the best talents in the state of the sea, and win the attention and respect of the industry and society.
"Quality is our life, responsibility is more important than Mount Tai"
As a manufacturer of new energy-saving building materials, the quality of products is related to the vital interests of each user, and is related to the life of the production enterprise. For a long time, Xintai has regarded “quality is our life” as the concept of enterprise products.

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