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Waterborne polyurethane construction process

Waterborne polyurethane construction process

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Plain treatment
The base surface treatment refers to the cleaning of dirt, moisture, dust and other dirt on the ground, including removing oil on the ground, drying the ground, repairing ground cracks and pits, and forming a clean and smooth floor paint construction base. Base surface treatment is the first step of the floor paint project and a fundamental step.
The concrete floor is ground, cleaned and cleaned; the crack is cut with a special slitting machine and filled with epoxy sand; if the original ground is epoxy, it needs to be ground.
1. The meaning of the base surface treatment
● Improve coating adhesion
The base surface treatment in place can form a uniform rough ground, so that the epoxy floor primer can fully penetrate, forming a bite force between the epoxy floor coating and the base surface of the floor, and improving the adhesion of the coating.
● Ensure that the floor is flat and beautiful
It is necessary to construct a floor paint on a flat and clean base surface to form a flat and beautiful epoxy floor.
2. Base surface processing object
● New ground
There are fewer pollutants such as dust and oil on the newly poured concrete floor, but special attention should be paid to the treatment of the ground efflores.
● Stone floor
Stone floors include terrazzo floors, tile floors and more. For stone floors, attention should be paid to sanding and wax removal.
● Old ground
The focus of the old ground surface treatment is on the cleaning of the floor and the repairing of the damaged parts.
3. Base surface treatment method
● Manual cleaning of power tools
Manual processing tools include angle grinders, steel brushes, and the like.
● Shot blasting
Shot blasting is also called projectile abrasive treatment. It is the use of shot blasting machine to throw the abrasive at high speed and hit the ground to achieve the purpose of polishing the ground and cleaning impurities.
● High pressure water surface treatment
The high-pressure water surface treatment includes pure water jet and high-pressure water abrasive jet treatment. The principle of high-pressure water surface treatment is similar to that of shot blasting, but it is more environmentally friendly and more efficient than shot blasting.