Metal Fluorocarbon series

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Metal Fluorocarbon series

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    Product description
    product description:
    Super fluorocarbon topcoat is a two-component solvent-based high-grade decorative coating, suitable for use in environments that require strong protection. It has excellent gloss retention, color retention, high hardness, and strong adhesion. Fluorocarbon paint is easier to operate and easy to renovate. It is not limited by the shape of the building. You can color it according to your needs and let the designer use his imagination. The cost of fluorocarbon paint is much lower than that of aluminum-plastic panels, and it can achieve the same The effect of fluorocarbon paint is light and will not bring a heavy burden to the wall. The only paint that can integrate the above-mentioned functions is fluorocarbon paint. All coatings are unparalleled and unique. Fluorocarbon paint can have so many "famous laurels", it is indeed well-deserved.
    Product performance:
    1. with exceptional durability and weather resistance (20 years), the gloss remains above 80% after 20 years.
    2. Excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
    3. Extraordinary stain resistance and whiteness.
    4. Anti-acid, alkali, solvent, water and moisture resistance, good antibacterial property.
    5. Anti-chemical corrosion, high chemical stability.

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    Add:No 3528 Dongtai Road, Dongcheng Street ,Linqu County,Weifang city,Shandong province

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